Colours and Fragrance of Darjeeling

Surrounded by tea gardens and orchards, the small town of Darjeeling is a place that reminds me of the warm scents of childhood. It is a wonderful place to be lulled by the intense aroma wafting in the air. There is an elegant background music. There is an air of professionalism of the people who work there. The place evokes the passion for the real story and that for the traditions and legends of these lands.

Walking around the curves of the hill roads fetches you bright and vibrant fragrance. There are diverse flowers all around with notes of frangipani announcing a delicate heart of jasmine. The orange flowers suffused with an accent of caramel fades into the enveloping silage. There are the waves of amber and oriental orange trees and star anise, with hints of spice routes. They reveal their charm in a heart that encompasses all facets of more precious and rare incense.

There is the intense and persistent patchouli. There is the multi-faceted scent of cedar. The rose, jasmine and lavender blend with the scent of saffron embroidering a joyful heart. The life of iris, violet, heliotrope, hydrangeas, azaleas, peonies, geraniums, wild roses, and climbers and even pomegranate trees invites you to discover a thing. The shades of the woods are deep, absolute and seductive, with a warm, intriguing and sensual oriental character.

I stand in the midst of the aromas of strong vinous and intense fruity fullness, the color, and the fragrance. The hills change its colors from ruby red to pale green. The finely fragrant scent give delicate hints of cherry and raspberry.

Colours and Fragrance of Darjeeling

The flowering season lasts from late April to October. Darjeeling is then intoxicated by their scent emanating everywhere. It makes the place enchanting by their beautiful colors. They range from white to pink and yellow to orange. I sing in the midst of large yellow flowers with large petals and a delicate fragrance. The old roses invite me with a seductive fragrance. In other words, I stroll under a roof of roses.

Along the path that surrounds the entire hills are plants of orchids, particularly suitable to be severed. They are all famous for their intensity and complexity of the fragrance. It includes myrrh, musk and fruity accents where you are immediately struck by the exotic fragrance notes.

There are fragrances that transport you to another world, from the mythological fire red earth and sand that will slip through your fingers. The scent embodies all the great passion and is like traveling in search of an essence.

As spring arrives Darjeeling becomes even more fascinating with the sun shining on the campaign of dazzling green, and flowers sprouting everywhere. There is a multitude of things to do to enjoy full days in the open air and is really a journey between scents, colours, and sensations of the hills.

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