Delhi Manifesto - Anatomy of Mass Media

The little big things to improve Delhi that is required is recycling, renewable energy, penalties for those who have strayed. Beyond the strategic choices about its future, certainly to accomplish, the city could benefit from a set of measures that would define high-sounding agenda. To start a revolution inspired by the common sense, here is a piece of to-dos.

Although the suburbs have already been stuffed with cement, if all new buildings were constructed forcing you to prepare vertical channels for the collection of waste we would have less reason to question ourselves about where to export, at great cost, our trash. It would have, in every kitchen, a trapdoor for paper, one for plastic and metal, one for non-recyclable waste. The bags should be left off in the collection points located at the streets.

If electricity in new homes can be obtained from solar sources, it would improve cutting households cost and, albeit in a small way, our dependence on costly thermal energy. There can be tax advantages given to reduce the loss of energy in homes and offices.

For people who can not walk due to physical problems, or because of age, companies in Delhi should donate to build aero-bridges as also they should come up to donate light panels installed along the non-lighted roads.

In many areas, car parking in busy roads is not fined ever. If the penalty can be increased, it would discourage people from parking here and there. Authorities should, punish the shops, bars and restaurants with outdoor seating if they encroach upon public land.

Let us remember that trees are essential to our lives. They are a filter that allows us to breathe clean air. A city without trees is a city without oxygen and therefore not healthy for its inhabitants. Therefore necessary pruning should be entrusted to qualified organisations, which provide for the presence of a botanist and replant in the various places all the trees felled in the past and never replaced.

The parks, has given way to weeds, along with giant trees with weak roots that may fall at any moment. This not only prevents the healthy enjoyment of the green spaces by the inhabitants, but also undermines the safety of the many children who go to the parks every day.  A more frequent routine maintenance with grass cutting, garbage collection is needed that would maintain this parks to be always in clean condition as also maintain timings for entry and exit.

There is a disease that affects a lot of women each year worldwide. Many do not survive. That disease is called man.  Violence against women resists at all latitudes, is transverse to age, social class, level of education, religious beliefs. It consumes egregious forms of sexual abuse and murder. We should all stay vigil and take more self-concerted steps to safeguard their lives and restore the glory of Delhi once again in the world sphere.

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